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Site Plan Review
All permitted uses requiring site plan approval shall have prior site plan review before a building permit is issued for the alteration or construction of any building or use of the premises. The site plan and related drawings shall be submitted by the owner to the Planning Board and shall be reviewed in accordance with the following procedures and standards:

A. Submission of site plan and supporting data. The owner shall submit a site plan and supporting data which has been prepared by an architect, landscape architect, engineer, land surveyor or planner and shall include the following information presented in drawn form and accompanied by a written text:
(1) A properly certified survey of the property, showing existing features of the property, including contours, buildings, structures, pavement, trees over four inches in trunk diameter, streets, utility easements, rights-of-way and land use.
(2) The site plan showing proposed building locations and land use areas.
(3) Traffic circulation, parking and loading spaces and pedestrian walks.
(4) Landscaping plans, including site grading and landscape design.
(5) Preliminary architectural drawings for buildings delineated to be constructed, including floor plans, exterior elevations and sections.
(6) Preliminary engineering plans, including street improvements, drainage systems and public utility extensions.
(7) Engineering feasibility studies of any anticipated problems which might arise due to the proposed development as required by the Planning Board.
(8) The construction sequence and time schedule for completion of each phase of buildings, parking spaces and landscaped areas.
(9) A description of the proposed uses, including hours of operation, number of employees, expected volume of business and type and volume of traffic expected to be generated.
(10) An environment assessment form.
(11) The filing fee.
(12) An agricultural data statement when the property that is the subject of the site plan review is within an agricultural district (as provided for in Article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law) and contains a farm operation or the property is within 500 feet of a farm operation located within an agricultural district.
(13) Stormwater pollution prevention plan. A stormwater pollution prevention plan consistent with the requirements of Chapter 126 of this Code shall be required for site plan approval. The SWPPP shall meet the performance and design criteria and standards in Chapter 126 of this Code. The approved site plan shall be consistent with the provisions of Chapter 126.

B. Site plan approval.
(1) The Planning Board shall review the site plan and supporting data and before, during and after a public hearing shall take into consideration the following considerations:
(a) The harmonious relationship between proposed uses and existing adjacent uses.
(b) The maximum safety of vehicular circulation between the site and the street network.
(c) The maximum adequacy of interior circulation, parking and loading facilities, with particular attention to vehicular and pedestrian safety, as provided in § 155-31.
(d) Adequacy of landscaping, buffering and setbacks in regard to achieving maximum compatibility and protection to adjacent residential districts.
(e) The minimization of adverse environmental impact.
(f) The minimization of adverse effects on the welfare of the residents of the Town of Manlius.
(2) When an agricultural data statement is submitted, the possible impacts of the proposed site plan upon the functioning of farm operations within the agricultural district shall be reviewed in accordance with the Town Law.
(3) Should changes or additional facilities be required by the Planning Board, final approval of the site plan shall be conditional upon the satisfactory compliance by the owner to the changes or additions.
(4) An engineering fee of $100 per acre will be assessed for design review and inspection.

C. Building permit. Building permits for such uses shall be issued only in accordance with an approved site plan which shall be transmitted by the Planning Board to the Codes Enforcement Officer.

D. Changes. An owner wishing to make changes in an approved site plan shall submit a revised site plan to the Planning Board for review and approval before making application for a building permit.