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Accessory Use
A. All permitted accessory uses requiring an accessory use permit from the Town Planning Board shall have site plan review and recommendation before such use shall be permitted. A public hearing shall be at the discretion of the Planning Board. The application shall be submitted by the owner of the subject property to the Planning Board and shall be reviewed in accordance with the following procedures and standards. If a public hearing is held, the costs of providing public notice shall be borne by the applicant.

B. Submission of the application. The owner shall submit an application in a form directed by the Town Planning Board and an accompanying drawing of the location of the desired accessory structure and description of such use. An application fee shall accompany the application, such fee to be determined from time to time by the Town Board.

C. Review of said application. The Planning Board shall review the application and supporting data and shall take into consideration the following factors and limitations:
(1) The practical difficulties encountered by the applicant if the application is denied.
(2) Alternatives to the proposed accessory use which would have less impact on the neighborhood.
(3) Environmental and aesthetic impacts.
(4) Safety and traffic impacts.
(5) Compatibility of the proposed accessory use with the other uses in the neighborhood.
(6) An accessory use may not exceed 25% of the total floor area of a residence, or 500 square feet, whichever is less, except that in the R-M Zone, this restriction shall not apply.

See § 155-29: Accessory use permits; application; fees. for more information.