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§ 155-50 Amendments to chapter and Zoning Map.
The provisions of this chapter and the Zoning Map, constituting a part of this chapter, and the boundaries of districts shown thereon may be amended from time to time, modified, changed or repealed after notice and public hearing as provided by law.

§ 155-51 Amendment procedure.
A. Any amendments or changes shall be made in conformity with the applicable provisions of the Town Law. In addition thereto, the Town Board may give any additional notice which it deems advisable to any residents or interested parties, but failure to give additional notice shall in no way affect the validity of any amendment or change.
B. If the Town Board grants a change of zone, the owner of the affected property shall be provided written notification within 30 days of such change of zone.

§ 155-52 Conditions that may be imposed by Town Board.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Town Board, upon the enactment of a change of zone classification or upon the granting of a special permit, may impose such reasonable conditions as will protect the character and harmony of adjacent zoning districts or which the Town Board may otherwise deem to be in the interest of public safety, welfare and convenience.