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Mobile Home Permit
Mobile home camps or mobile home parks are hereby prohibited in all zoning districts in the entire Town of Manlius outside of the incorporated Villages of Fayetteville, Manlius and Minoa. Individual mobile homes on sites conforming to this section shall be permitted in Restricted Agricultural (R-A) Districts only after the issuance of a mobile home permit by the Town Board as enumerated in this section.

Driveways, road cuts. The appropriate approval from the authorized agency or department is required.

Requirements for a mobile home permit. The placement or replacement of a mobile home shall require compliance with the following standards and procedures:
(1) Any mobile home hereinafter permitted in the Town of Manlius shall be for the personal use and occupancy of the applicant and his immediate family, and the permit shall lapse and be invalid when such use and occupancy ceases.
(2) The applicant must be the owner in fee of the property on which a mobile home is to be placed.
(3) Approval shall be granted only after review and action by the Town Board following a public hearing.
(4) Each mobile home site shall be restricted to one mobile home.
(5) The Town Board must determine prior to the issuance of any mobile home permit that:
(a) The application conforms to the requirements of this chapter.
(b) The proposal will not create any significant adverse or detrimental effects on the surrounding neighborhood.
(6) Any mobile home approved for use in the Town of Manlius must conform to the requirements of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.

Procedures for application for mobile home permit.
(1) A preliminary application for a permit must be obtained from and filed with the Town Clerk. The application and the filing fee are nonrefundable subsequent to publication and public hearing and will be retained by the Town Clerk. The applicant must pay the uniform application fee which will be set by the Town Board. In addition, the applicant will pay all costs of publication. The license fee shall be as established by the Town Board. 

(2) A survey must be enclosed with said application and must contain:
(a) A legal description of the property on which the proposed mobile home will be located.
(b) A general sketch plan of the proposed site, including the location of the mobile home and service facilities and private garage, if any.
(c) Abutting property owners and present use of such property.
(d) Proposed access and ingress routes.
(e) Any unusual special land features, such as streams, creeks, areas subject to flooding and areas of steep slopes in excess of 15°.
(3) The application, when completed, filed and the fee deposited, will be forwarded to the Town Board for a public hearing on five days' notice.

(4) A certificate of occupancy is to be obtained prior to occupancy of the unit.

(5) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the owner of any property in the Town of Manlius for which a mobile home permit has heretofore been granted may apply for renewal of said mobile home permit. The use of property pursuant to a mobile home permit that was permitted prior to the adoption of this chapter will not be specifically prohibited; subject, however, to all other provisions of this chapter relating to nonconforming uses. Any such application will be considered on its merits pursuant to the standards and procedures of this section of this chapter and all other applicable laws and regulations.

Sanitary facilities.
(1) General requirements for water. An adequate supply of water shall be provided for the mobile home. Where public water is available, connection shall be used exclusively unless local authorities deem otherwise. If a public water supply system is not available, the development of a private water supply system shall be approved by the health authority and other authorities having jurisdiction thereof. 

(2) General requirements for sewers. 
(a) An adequate and approved system shall be provided on the site for conveying and disposing of sewage from the mobile home. Such systems must be designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with Department of Health standards and regulations. An approved plan by the County Health Department must be submitted prior to issuance of the permit or occupancy of the unit.

(b) Garbage and refuse. Each mobile home owner shall make provisions for sanitary equipment to prevent littering of the grounds and premises with rubbish, garbage and refuse. Each mobile home shall have containers with tightly fitting covers. Regular disposal shall be provided for all rubbish, trash and garbage.

General requirements for the electrical distribution system and individual electrical system. All wiring fixtures and connections of the site must have the approval of the New York Board of Fire Underwriters and the local electrical power company or other authority designated by the Town of Manlius, New York.

Fuel supply and storage.
(1) General requirements for fuel oil supply system. All fuel oil supply systems provided for a mobile home shall be installed and maintained in conformity with the rules and regulations of the authority having jurisdiction where provided.
(2) Specific requirements.
(a) All fuel oil tanks shall be hidden from view.
(b) Supports or standards for fuel storage tanks are to be of a noncombustible material.
(3) Natural gas supply.
(a) The natural gas piping systems installed to the mobile home shall be maintained in conformity with accepted engineering practices.
(b) Each mobile home site provided with piped natural gas shall have an approved shutoff valve and cap to prevent accidental discharge of gas.
(4) Liquefied gas supply.
(a) Such system shall be provided with safety devices to relieve excessive pressures and shall be arranged so that the discharge terminates at a safe location.
(b) Systems shall have at least one accessible means of shutting off gas. This means shall be located outside of the mobile home.
(c) All liquid propane gas facilities shall be well supported and protected against mechanical injury and hidden from view.

Temporary or emergency permits.
(1) The Town Board may, in its discretion, waive certain requirements of this section and allow the installation of a mobile home under the following circumstances.
(a) Emergency. Should a principal residence be destroyed or be found unfit for occupancy due to causes beyond the control of the owner, such as fire, flood or other act of God.
(b) Temporary. Should the owner of a working farm require housing for a tenant employed by the owner, which housing is part of the consideration for such employment.
(2) Permits granted hereunder shall not exceed one year in duration and shall be subject to Subsection (1) above, notwithstanding § 155-21D(5) and § 155-21F.